After our SUCCESSFUL anniversary year 2018, we are ready to embark on new ARtistic adventures. new productions paired with recently developed international collaborations promisE
a jam-packed “year OF CREATION 2019”



United Cowboys is a collective of international artists under the guidance of a dedicated artistic team. Inspired by a variety of art forms, United Cowboys creates multidisciplinary performances,on the border of dance, performance music, video and installation art, that can be viewed around the globe. 

Over the last 25 years we have initiated a large number of initiatives and performances to research similarities and differences in the arts.

Our objective is to contribute to long-term international collaborations. We believe that a combination of creation, participation and presentation has the strength to take away obstacles, prejudice, fear and restraint in a larger context.
With this combination we aim for a more intensive, mutual yield. Not only presenting work, but also involving local artists and the audience, by communication, discussion and being part of the working process. How is the work created? What are the artistic starting points? What impact does cultural context have? We believe that knowledge; by watching and experiencing is the right method for learning and developing.

Artistic Directors

Pauline-Roelants-en-Maarten-van-der-Put-(1) Foto-Gemma-van-der-Heyden kopie.jpg

The Artistic Directors, Maarten van der Put (Visual Artist) and Pauline Roelants (Choreographer), along with a local and international group of artists, develop and produce performances that portray the truthfulness of the human, its physical purity and the possibility to create an entirely new reality.

“We explore unique environments, and investigate the fine lines between generosity and exhibitionism. We challenge our audience by asking it to take responsibility in decision-making, and therefore crafting their own individual experiences.” –Pauline & Maarten

Both, Pauline and Maarten, create their own performance-sets based on their individual skills, expertise and with a binding vision on performance and art. In discussion with each other, these works are the starting point for all artistic choices and projects. 

International Programming SUpport & COMMUNICATION


Since the beginning of 2017 Ulla Havenga has been supporting United Cowboys in the international communication and programming. Her design background and international experience in the performing arts sector (having worked and lived all around the globe for the past nine years), paired with her passion for performance and fine arts, make her a valuable member of United Cowboys and the company's future endeavors.


President: De heer R. van der Vleuten
Secretary (interim): De heer J.G.F.M. Smeets
Treasurer: De heer J.G.F.M. Smeets

Member: Mevrouw D. Franssen
Member: Mevrouw L. Clement


Florence Martina (CL), Hanne Schillemans (BE), Marti Guëll Vallbona (ES), Anni Kaila (FI)
Wilhelm Blomberg (FI), Jef Stevens (BE), Sara Bostoen (BE), Chris van der Weide (NL),
Sophy Ribrault (FR), Lucie Petrusova (CZ), Marius Pohlmann (DE), Evelyne Rossie (BE)
Conor Doherty (IR), Yonel Castilla Serrano (CU), Pauline Roelants (NL), Blazej Jasinski (PL),
Jenna Kasatkina (RU), and many more...

List of creations

Untitled (Cowboys) (1992), Blue Peter (1993), Point Blank (1994), Angel (1995), Amok (1995), No Way (1996), Its me (1998), Say no More (1999), Error (2001), Dripping (2001), Incidents of Light (2002), Mansized (2002), Believer (2003), Boy XL (2004), To be Continued (2005), Please don’t touch the Parrot (2006), Lust for Life (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), Two time Soft (2007), The Passenger (2007), One Eighty (2008), Boogie Nights (2008), Who Cycle (2009), Who TOO (2010), Negen Nieuwe Naakten (2011), Apology (2011), Who Final (2012), Seasoning (2013- present), Burn (2014 - present), Figures That Wander (2014), Stand Alone (2015), Eternal idol (2016), Appearance (2016), This is not a sad Song (2016), New Appearance (2016), Match (2017), In a Way (2017), Silence the Blood (2018), In Case (2018)

The series of Nude Studies is now consisting of a menu of 15 performances and still growing.

Since 2014 there have been 20 editions of Seasoning – a quarterly event showing new developments in live-art.

United Cowboys, registered as Stichting Tegentijd under number 41090525, has an ANBI Status granted by the dutch TAX service (belastingdienst). Please consider a donation or sponsorship.