United Cowboys builds on an oeuvre in which individual productions have their own artistic quality and autonomy. From the binding artistic starting points, the central theme and method, we conduct a dialogue with former and future work. More and more, there is reason to associate from performances, to link work or to combine it into new concepts.

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Concept for New Development has been in development since 2014, is ever evolving and an over and over unique performance. By questioning the conventional understanding of performance space, Concept for New Development investigates the mentality of both, the performer and the audience.
Work developed in the context of the Concept for New Development include: BURN, MATCH and an Investigation at the Opening of Dance Month in Tilburg (October 1, 2017)

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Especially for Theaterfestival Boulevard 2018, United Cowboys created the ongoing performance IN CASE. During the entire eleven days of the festival, IN CASE shows the prices of "being".
In a limited, closed space. Human, bodies, motion.



United Cowboys is well known for their innovative live art on the boundaries dance, performance and theatre. The work is more and more being performed outside the Netherlands.
Since 2009, director Maarten van der Put has been working on a series of nudes; together they form a menu of performances that ‘uncensoredly’ show the body in confrontation with life.
For United Cowboys nakedness is intrinsic to Human wanting to hold on to - or rediscover - its authenticity. The binding factor within these ‘Performances of the Body’ is the power and vulnerability of the individual performer who literally throws himself into battle. They can be read as a collection of intimate documents.

The Nude Studies Menu was performed in Holland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Canada

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