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Name of organisation:
The organisation is registered as Stichting Tegentijd
The company performs under United Cowboys

Reg. Nr. KvK : 41090525
TAX nr. 008477656

Legal status of organisation: 
Cultural Foundation

Year of organisation's establishment: 

How is the organisation funded: 
Mark: Stichting Tegentijd is the corporation, United-C is the companies performing name.  Ever since the foundation of the company, United-C is funded by the City of Eindhoven and the Province Noord-Brabant. We have the assignment to make one new theatre/dance piece per year, and realize one project to scout and stimulate youg talent. Next to this assigment, 
we search for Funds on an occasional basis for exceptionnel projects (abroad).

Organization's total budget for the previous year (€): 

Organisation's mission: 

United Cowboys is a collective of international artists under the guidance of a dedicated artistic team. Inspired by a variety of art forms, United Cowboys creates multidisciplinary performances,on the border of dance, performance music, video and installation art, that can be viewed around the globe. 

Over the last 20 years we have initiated a large number of initiatives and performances to research similarities and differences in the arts.

United Cowboys encourages artistic risk and questions theatrical conventions, stretches and challenges them. United Cowboys invites local and international audiences in the hope of promoting discourse, offering new perspectives and further investigating new forms of artistic development, participation and presentation.

Organisation's main activities: 
United-C makes performances, in which more than one art form is involved. The work balances on borders of theatre, dance and performance art, in which dance and non verbal performance are the starting points. Further, there is the live art concept, developed by United-C, with a new edition every year. The concept brings together art forms and artists in one big space - theatre or location-. The artistic team of United-C leads the audience passed performances, music, video and dance. As in one continuous flow of images. Then, in the studio of United-C, we develop an artists-in -residence place, an inspiring house, in
which artists can do research, discuss and perform. The audience is invited to be part of the creation process, by public rehearsals and meetings with the artist. With all the activities, we aim for innovation by creation, participation and presentation. 

Organisation's structure: 
United-C has a bounded organisation with a firm core. The artistic team consists of a director and a choreographer on permanent basis and a composer on project basis. Further there are an assistant manager (free lance), employee publicity and communication (free lance),  employee education and a team of 5 teachers (free lance), 2 technicians (free lance) and
2 or 3 internships per year. The performance group consist of 8 to 12 dancers and physical actors on project basis. Members of the board are chosen in order to formate a solid management and reliable organization. Current board consists of a cultural manager (chief of board), a financial manager (treasurer), a writer-journalist (secretary), a theatre programmer
(board member) and a lawyer (board member). Next to the board, United-C has an advising team of 3 persons, chosen for their professional skills.

Rien van der Vleuten – President of Board
Eric Maas – Secretary
Joep Smeets – Treasurer
Leonie Clement – Member of Board

Members of the board are seated on voluntary basis.

Postal address: 
PO Box 6529
5600 HM
The Netherlands

Visiting address:
Kleine Berg 62
5611 JW Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0) 40 2371277