January 2018 marks our 25th Anniversary!
We presented a cross-section of our work and invited Ex-Cowboys and new pioneers
to the Parktheater in Eindhoven for two nights (Jan 19&20)

Two sold-out nights full of celebration!
Thank you to everyone who joined and supported us.

In the upcoming years, United Cowboys will develop a Concept for New Development, traveling from country to country, from location to location, to perch at festivals, theaters and other performing spaces, building biotopes, and creating performance work, together with local artists and other drawees, accompanied by on-site programs; experiences will be taken along as cultural souvenirs to the next stop. Artists can travel along and continue their investigation at our Art House in Eindhoven. This way we create a generous community, stimulating exchange and collaboration.

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WE WANT MORE - united cowboys celebrates 25 years
19 & 20 January, 2018 / 8:30pm

foto's 25 jaar voor website.jpg

With this very special production, United Cowboys celebrates its 25th Anniversary!
Parktheater Eindhoven has invited us to temporarily occupy their multifunctional Philips hall, to celebrate this. And we will, gladly!

The space offers us perfect facilities and the ultimate freedom to use according to your wishes and needs. No less than 3 editions of Lust for Life and one of the first biotopes (under the title Burn) took place there in the past.

Now WE WANT MORE: 2 evenings full of image, dance, music and performance!

In the production, we quote freely from our own work - among other things from international successes and from Lust for Life and Burn. We invite former 'Cowboys' who have by now grown to creating their own work. For this special occasion we will create a new centre-piece, and as usual, we make room for the new pioneers we believe in, and which will influence the upcoming developments in live-art arena.

This time of preparation brings us closer to our core community - we are now re-connecting with 135 'Ex-Cowboys'; We share memories,futures, a lot of involvement and yes, love; we feel privileged.

During the 2 evenings at Parktheater, we not only look back, we are also in the present and looking forward: we are the Cowboys and "We encourage artistic risk".

Concept: Maarten van der Put, Pauline Roelants
This performance is appropriate for non-Dutch speakers.

In collaboration with Parktheater Eindhoven.