Apart Art Festival Katowice, Poland


Maarten van der Put creates The Nude Study Menu, a series of independent dance performances. The series is living, per year 2 or 3 performances are added and the individual pieces are being performed in different formations. Up till now, the series consists of 18 works, that were performed in Holland (a.o. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Breda) and abroad (a.o. Bordeaux – Paris - St Etienne (France), Trieste (Italy), Olomouc (Czech Republic), Barcelona (Spain) and Montreal (Canada) as different menus and on different places, varying from theatres, festivals, locations and museums. 

In Maarten's words:
"I am fascinated by the performer and the body confronted with just one other quantity: plain, unequivocal, artificial surroundings. We need to go back to the source of our appearance, of our bodies. The shiver on the one hand and the power on the other of just ‘being’. This idea is inspired, amongst others, by the fascination of the Ancient Greeks for the human body. Their passion in reflecting skins texture in their sculptures, the touch and liveliness in approach of muscle stones, the attitude, in the both heroic and also vulnerability of the human body.
In my point of view, nudity nowadays is shown way too little in all silence and sincerity; in a form in which we could consider the body as a wonder as well as a natural phenomenon. No science, no religion, but pure amazement."

“Nude studies of United-C: small pieces of art (..). The Dutch company United-C shows in three stunning solo’s and one breathtaking finale the results of its study of the female body (..) In WHO cycle, Maarten van der Put doesn’t show nudity to shock but to show the beauty and pureness of the body."
–Yves Harkes, Theater Central

With a special menu of 4 performances United Cowboys introduces this concept in Poland.

SEASONING SUMMER - JUNE 22 & 23, 2018 (8:30pm)

beeld seasoning summer.jpg

Every change of the season we present a new edition of SEASONING in our Art House in the centre of Eindhoven. We open our doors to new developments in the field of live art; focused on (international) dance and performance and accompanied by music, video and fine arts.  

The work by various artists is being presented in one flow; the audience is being guided along the works and can observe it from close by, almost touch it.
We make space for the new generation, for new work, for the approach that it just that different from the average. More and more, our guest are a combination of local, national and international artists and performers.

Prior to the SEASONING performances our guests are welcome to work in the art house, to meet and discuss, to watch each others work and rehearsals, who knows, this will start a collaboration.

The program of SEASONING is curated by the artistic team of United Cowboys: Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants. 

Line-up will be announced soon...

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IN CASE - August 2-11, 2018 (Daily  from 1Pm - 11 PM)
Boulevard Festival, Den Bosch

Especially for Theaterfestival Boulevard, United Cowboys creates the ongoing performance IN CASE.
During the entire eleven days of the festival, IN CASE shows the prices of "being".
In a limited, closed space. Human, bodies, motion.
Condensation blurs the view and the wiping and drawing in this natural haze turn this process into a
beautiful balance between classical beauty and basic, animal like acting.
Photos by: Maarten van der Put

More information coming up soon.