Both, Pauline and Maarten, create their own performance-sets based on their individual backgrounds, expertise and with a binding vision on performance and art. In discussion with each other, these works are the starting point for all artistic choices and projects. 

Pauline and Maarten portray the truthfulness of the human, its physical purity and the possibility to create an entirely new reality. Special resources: the visual and physical language and the powerful, performer related, concise virtuosity.


Especially for Theaterfestival Boulevard 2018, United Cowboys created the ongoing performance IN CASE. During the entire eleven days of the festival, IN CASE shows the prices of "being".
In a limited, closed space. Human, bodies, motion.

For twenty-five years United Cowboys has been an international company of pioneers. IN CASE sees its dancers/performers feeling out the space and each other. In silences, breaths, body heat and sweat. Condensation starts to form on the walls, blurring the view. Hands wipe, fingers draw. IN CASE is a moving performance, in which primary, animal actions go hand in hand with a search for classic beauty.

Concept, direction and scenery: Maarten van der Put
Choreographer intermediair / soundscapes: Pauline Roelants
Created with- and performed by: Florencia Martina (CH), Conor Doherty (IER), Eulàlia Bergadà (ES), Eleni Ploumi (GR)
Technique and execution decor:Dick Huetink  (in cooperation with De Markies Nijmegen)
The Block Box is made possible thanks to a contribution from Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.
Photos by: Maarten van der Put
Location: Festivalplein | Block Box Hemisphere, Den Bosch


The Nude Study Menu represents a selection of performance pieces, created by Maarten van der Put, co-artistic director of United Cowboys. There is the possibility to include one or more of these performances in various programs (festivals, theaters, events,...) as ‘samples’. The following performances lend themselves perfectly to be presented on location, but are also very suitable for more traditional settings (theater, dance stages).

Concept, direction, scenery: Maarten van der Put
Music: Ralph Timmermans
Created with- and performed by: Hilde Elbers, Marleen Kleinstapel, Marjolein
Vogels, Hanne Schillemans, Ai Koyama, Andrea Hackl, Evelyne Rossie, Florencia
Martina, Izah Hankammer, Sam Scheuermann, Pauline Roelants, Conor Doherty
Artistic direction United Cowboys: Maarten van der Put, Pauline Roelants