In the last 25 years United Cowboys has initiated a large amount of concepts and performances to do research on similarities and differences in art, in which dance and non-verbal performances are the starting points. Please see below a selection of work, some finalized pieces, and some ongoing creations to this day.

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NUDE STUDIES MENU- 2010 - present

Since 2009, director Maarten van der Put has been working on a series of nudes; together they form a menu of performances that ‘uncensoredly’ show the body in confrontation with life.
For United Cowboys nakedness is intrinsic to Human wanting to hold on to - or rediscover - his authenticity. The series can be read as a collection of intimate documents.


Appearance 2015 - present

Appearance is all about the body and the light. In a refined composition, three dancers admit just enough light to either reveal themsleves or close again and leave us in a pleasant state of confusion and excitment.


Eternal Idol 2016 - present

The dance duet was created with the small female dancer Lucie Petrusova and the giant circus artist Marius Pohlmann. Once lifted, the girl never touches the floor. The duet stands for hope and determination, in the middle of world being destroyed around them.


BURN - Festival Artdanthé, Paris 2018

BURN has been chosen as the opening performance for the 20th edition of the international festival Artdanthé.
More information: HERE


WE WANT MORE - 25th anniversary 2018

Two evenings full of image, dance, music and performance to celebrate 25 years United Cowboys at the Parktheater Eindhoven. The production quoted freely from international successes & new work. Former 'Cowboys' & new pioneers were invited to join. SEE PRESS. Photos: Hans Spiegelaar


MATCH - 2017

Created for Theater Festival Boulevard, in collaboration with dancers, performers and musicians from all over Europe, United Cowboys is creating live installations under the joint title Concept for new Development. Visitors walk around in this perpetuum mobile that is a challenge of theatrical viewing conventions.
Photos: Hans Spiegelaar



United Cowboys built a biotope, in which dancers, performers and musicians investigate and perform in an ongoing creating process. The audience is invited to observe this world from all angles; she can stay, sit, walk around, or leave to come back again later. United Cowboys hosted a two day Masterclass in this context.


This is not a SAD SONG - 2016

Created for Theater Festival Boulevard, United Cowboys investigates new forms to involve the audience with that what is shown, in a loose and informal atmosphere. Mostly presented on location and in a unorthodox setting and performance structure.
For Festival Boulevard, United Cowboys searches the abandoned spaces and their noticable history.



This collaborative piece by Maarten van der Put and Pauline Relents was performed in the Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenboch (NL). Dynamic sculptures were shown. Serene, iconic, and at the same time robust and combat ready. Like the sculptures at the gallery of Palazzo Veccio in Florence.



United Cowboys created Figures That Wander for and commissioned by Lichtfestival GLOW in Eindhoven. In this five hours lasting performance, light object show a play of lines, four dancers move behind a semi-transparant wall.



From 2009 on, Maarten van der Put created the living performance cycle of nude studies: WHO Final represents the third and final episode of nude studies. No doubt, upfront and confronting, but far from any commercial, sexual context in which people nowadays try to feel their individual nudity.


Apology 2011

This expressive and at times explosive dance idiom of Roelants, created by Pauline Roelants, allows itself to be described as ‘the power of movement brought back to its essence’. Thus she bares dance to its core, through a fascination of the body and the power of the performer.



During Theaterfestival Boulevard 2011 United-C performed Negen Nieuwe Naakten, in the Museumkwartier in ‘s-Hertogenbosch Holland. The construction site was transformed into an inspiring location, where Maarten van der Put placed nine of his performances in a special version.


Who too 2010

From 2009 on, Maarten van der Put created the living performance cycle of nude studies: ‘WHO Cycle’ (2009-2010-2011) and WHO TOO (2010-2011), WHO Final (2012).
In the performances, van der Put defines the performers in purity and essence; back to the source of our appearance, of our bodies. 


Who cycles 2009

The series, created by Maarten van der Put, concern performances that ‘uncensoredly’ show the body in confrontation with life.  As nearly always in the works of United-C, what counts is the power and vulnerability of the individual performer.


2008 The glass performance

A girl in between 500 broken beer glasses.
Like a snake she’s searching for her own way in this labyrinth of glass. In a breath taking performance with the vulnerability of the body on the one hand and the sharpness and danger of the glasses in the other. For 18 minutes you forget to breath. An hallucinating trip. One of the most exciting kind.