The exchange program of United Cowboys is embedded in the overall Concept for New Development and offers artists from different disciplines the opportunity to develop and present their work at the Art House in Eindhoven.

United Cowboys believes in the importance of contributing to further developments of (international) art circuits to stimulate collaboration and exchange in order to come to new forms of creation, participation and presentation. 

"The objective is to contribute to long-term collaborations between countries all around the world. We believe that the combination of creation, participation and presentation has the strength to take away obstacles, prejudices, fear and restraint. Therefore, we aim for a more intensive, mutual yield supporting, encouraging and facilitating artistic creation."
– Pauline Roelants

The Art House, with its two rehearsal studios, a smaller studio, a few offices and accommodation for longer stays, is perfectly suited to offer accommodation to artists in residency - both national and international artists - who can develop a project here, finalize it and open it to an audience. In addition United Cowboys invites artists in residence to join a dialogue with the artistic directors of United Cowboys and other artists from Eindhoven.

A multi-disciplinary residency program.
The term 'Residencies' is used in the broader sense of the word: it goes beyond simply allowing other choreographers to work in the building in the sense of  ‘place of production’. The idea is to extend the invitation to artists from all disciplines. More specifically: artists who work from a similar mission as United Cowboys or who join in their world-vision.  Essential is mutual enrichment, nurturing and improving the exchange with various art forms. Note: the guest creator/artist does not have to work with United Cowboys. The point is an exchange between artists who lift themselves above the ‘usual’ and who together will find a way to showcase their mutual creations.

An open residency programme.
We aim to stimulate exchange between artists, and with the network and the audience or other parties interested.
United Cowboys has a strong bond with the cultural field in Eindhoven. The idea is that the temporary artist-in-residence showcases his/her work at the Art House, but also connects with the city cultural circuit.
The audience also plays a role in the communication and openness. In order to meet the guest artist, meetings with the general public will be made possible, just as open rehearsals, questions-and-answer sessions, etc. 

An artistic web.
With the exchange, United Cowboys wants to build a long-term relationship with artists/creators and international residency places. The important thing is that the investigation, the artistic process is central. The Art House as artistic ‘home’, the network as artistic platform, the whole an artistic web from which every fibre adds to innovation, communication and exchange.

It is also important that a clear artistic profile is given to the place and the programme. The artistic team of United Cowboys will be leading and curating; they instigate the dialogue and stimulate the discussion. 

With Seasoning United Cowboys has already invited various artists from all disciplines over the past years and offered them a research place, a house to meet and discuss and a stage on which they, together with other disciplines, have provided multi-disciplinary evenings to the general public. 


For more information about our exchange program 2018/19, please contact us via: