An ongoing investigation interweaving United Cowboys' performance work, biotopesresidencies, Seasonings and masterclasses, allowing collaborative approaches for artistic exchange, research, participation and presentation.

The Concept for New Development has been in development since 2014. It is an ever evolving and an over and over unique investigation. By questioning the conventional understanding of performance space, the Concept for New Development investigates the mentality of both, the performer and the audience in various ways...


It shapes a space for international collaborations, partnerships and residences. Anchor of the concept are the temporary built Biotopes, in which dancers, performers and musicians create an immersive environment, where the audience walks around to explore new perspectives and experiences in its own pace. Besides the performative elaboration, the concept also contains Masterclasses, our regular events called Seasoning and Exchange residency programs.

With this multi –angled approach, the Concept for New Development has become a platform for artistic exchange, risk-taking and collaborative investigation beyond borders, based on long-term partnerships. 

Every collaboration naturally leads to a new outcome of the concept, tailor made for the occasion, the opportunities and the shared goals.


This first phase is supported by the Dutch Brabant C Fund for international next level steps and so far we work in coproduction with GREC  Festival Barcelona, Art Danthé Festival Paris, Festival Boulevard Den Bosch, Divadelniflorafestival Olomouc Czech Republic, Kunsthaus Rhenania Cologne Germany and ACT Sofia Bulgaria...

We gladly invite like-minded international partners, to join the convoy. To boost the discourse, to dive into questions, to challenge the conventional, to share new perspectives and expertise from different cultural contexts, and to co-create a sustainable international network.

Interested in Collaborating in CONCEPT FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT

We‘re always on the look-out for new, like-minded international collaborators and development opportunities. So, let's start a conversation: Contact us.



BIOTOPES developed in the context of the Concept for New Development include:


MATCH 2017

Created for Theater Festival Boulevard, in collaboration with dancers, performers and musicians from all over Europe, United Cowboys is creating live installations under the joint title Concept for new Development. Visitors walk around in this perpetuum mobile that is a challenge of theatrical viewing conventions.



For the Opening of the Dance Month in Tilburg, United Cowboys built a multi-leveled biotope on stage of the Concert Hall of the Tilburg Theaters.



BURN has been in development since 2014, is ever evolving and an over and over unique performance. By questioning the conventional understanding of performance space, BURN investigates the mentality of both, the performer and the audience.