Biotope /ˈbʌɪətəʊp/
The region of a habitat associated with a particular ecological community.

Anchors of the Concept for New Development are the temporary built biotopes, in which dancers, performers and musicians create an immersive environment, where the audience walks around to explore new perspectives and experiences in its own pace.

The biotopes we build are site-specific and can vary in size. The format that can absorb locality, cultural characteristics and also artists and performers, who have been part of one or multiple initiatives of the Concept for New Development (Masterclasses, Exchange, or Seasoning)

Although every biotope relates to the context it is being presented in, it carries elements of previous biotopes within - objects, cultural souvenirs and even artists and performers.

The biotopes have the power to create artistic and creative overlap between performances by adopting cultures and even artist on its way. This collaboration process, as starting point for an ongoing investigation, can travel to different cities and become an integral part of festivals and events. 

Over time, biotopes become a living organism, a sort of memory growing, expanding and creating a platform for artistic exchange, research and exploration.



The biotopes make their own choices about direction, setting and presentation methods.

The audience is invited to walk around, to observe and absorb these environments from various angles and in its own time. These environments could last infinitely (usually they last up to five hours). Breaking out and turning perceptions and views inside out, means, that audiences are free to choose their perspectives, positions, and participatory levels instantly. A fluid interaction between performer and audiences is being created.