HAPPY NEW YEAR by Pauline Roelants

2014. What a remarkable year!

We made the successful, ongoing performance 'Burn' and got a 5 star review; we created 'Figures That Wander' for 'GLOW 2014' with 650.000 spectators and ended up in the top 3 of all participants; we curated 4 editions of Seasoning in our Art House with over 50 young talented artists, choreographers, dancers and musicians from around the world. We met a lot of new inspiring people and a lot of people got acquainted with the work of United Cowboys.

To celebrate this and as a gesture of our appreciation to everybody who connected with us, be it as a participant, as part of the audience or as a drawee, we present the video clip 'Indecisive' by Longen with footage of 'Burn'.


Happy New Year!
The cowboys

Thank you all, Pauline Roelants, Melanie Weijters, Jade Van Den Hout, Wilhelm Blomberg, Marti Güell Vallbona, Almudena Ballesteros Parejo, Matthijs Snijders, Johan Reijnders, Jef Stevens, Sophy Ribrault, Anni Kaila, Chris van der Weide, Hanne Schillemans, Sarah Bostoen, Lucie Petrusova, Evelyne Rossie, Guus van Mierlo, Rebecca Sier, Roel Neuraij, Hans Spiegelaar, Parktheater Eindhoven,Wannes De Porre, Max Joey van den Hout, Josje Van Dijck, Jenia Kasatkina, Marjolein Vogels, Ralph Timmermans, Blazej Jasinski, Rob van Gestel, Marleen Manders, Wies Berkhout, and all participants of Seasoning Part 1, 2, 3 and 4.

SEASONING 2014 Part 4 | Dec. 19 & 20 . by rebecca sier

New developments on the field of live-art; focussed on (international) performance, accompanied by music and fine arts.

Seasoning: flavoring, cherry-picking, the ice on the cake.
Every start of the quarter of the year, Seasoning takes place in the various spaces of the art house of United-C. A program with new acquired performances selected by United-C, especially for you.
Seasoning Part 4, in the weekend of December 19 and 20, is inspired by fash, beauty and consolation.

Touched and fueled we announce the Winter. 
In this edition, among others:

-Duet of Floortje Doeksen winner of the  ITs Krisztina de Chatel Award 2013
-Performances of Chris van der Weide, graduated at MA The Body in performance London
-try-out of new work choreographer Katja Heitmann
-music by Longen 
-stamping art by Joris van Oosterwijk

We will keep you updated on the program on our website, www.unitedcowboys.net and on Facebook.

Seasoning - Part 4
Location: United-C, Kleine Berg 62, Eindhoven, Holland

Dates:December 19 & 20
Time: 20.30 h
Contact and tickets: info@united-c.nl
We are looking forward to welcome you at Seasoning-Part 4

Figures That Wander rewarded by Eindhovens Dagblad & Glow Audience by rebecca sier

We are thrilled with all the enthusiastic feedback and praise that we received for our work at Glow 2014. Figures That Wander was named by Eindhovens Dagblad as the installation to go see and received lot's of press coverage. The audience of that same newspaper voted Figures That Wander in the top 5 of best installations on the festival out of 40 participants.

On top of that the audience of Glow 2014 voted Figures That Wander as the number three installation of the entire festival.

Thank you for supporting our work, it's what makes and keeps us ticking.

NEWSLETTER | OCTOBER 2014 | Upcoming performances and other news by rebecca sier

It has been quite a busy Summer. Amongst others, we performed our new work  Burn at Festival Boulevard; 4 and a half hours per evening. Thank you all dancers, performers, musicians and audience! It was a fest. And now,  new Season, new challenges.

We are looking forward to perform for you at Glow, in the van Abbemuseum, on location at Beeldenstorm, and then prepare for the fourth and last Seasoning of this year Seasoning - Part 4 at our Art House in Eindhoven.

We gladly invite you to be there, as audience, as drawee or as participant.
contact: info@united-c.nl


  photos by Maarten van der Put   

  photos by Maarten van der Put   


From november 8th untill november 15th,
the Light Festival Glow will take place in Eindhoven. Every year up to half a million spectators walk along a route in the center of the city, passing by impressive light objects, videoscreens and installations. United-C(owboys) is invited to make a performance especially for this event, introducing live-art at this big Festival.
During 8 evenings, 5 hours per evening, United C(owboys) will perform 'Figures That Wander'.

An ongoing performance in which Human's wander behind semi-transparant walls, now and then in vague light, as silhouette or as a shadow, now and then direct, fragile and close-by.

Figures That Wander is part of the official route of Glow 2014. location : Fuutlaan / Spoorzone

Nov. 8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15, daliy from 8 PM till 11 PM

DROSS a performance in van Abbemuseum Eindhoven

For the event Sense No Sense, United Cowboys will bring the performance DROSS. A short piece, based on movement and image, about insisting and existing, with a lot of dross.

October 25, 8 PM and 9 PM. Bilderdijklaan 1 Eindhoven


The Glass Performance

A woman in between 500 broken beer glasses. After performances in France, Italy, Czech republic, Canada, the successful Glass Performance will be played once more in Eindhoven.
This time at the Workplace Beeldenstorm in the context of the Dutch Design Week, as closure of a week about glass recycling.

The Glass performance: “.. in lighting and magical atmospheres, reflected by the see-throughness of the glasses, this naiad evolves in harmony. Captured by the beauty of this performance, we are restrained only by the fear that she will cut herself.” (Le Progrès – Frankrijk, 2010)

October 26, 3 PM
Nachtegaallaan 15 Eindhoven


New developments on the field of live-art; focussed on (international) performance, accompanied by music and fine arts.

Seasoning: flavoring, cherry-picking, the ice on the cake.

Every start of the quarter of the year, Seasoning takes place in the various spaces of the art house of United-C. A program with new acquired performances selected by United-C, especially for you. Seasoning Part 3, in the weekend of September 19 and 20, was inspired by stir, change, and a light melancholia. With a certain excitation we started the fall.

Guests of this edition were: Sabina Timmermans - schilderijen, Imke Zeinstra - performance, Sarah Bostoen - dans, Charlotte Goeasart - dans, Andreia Rodirgues-dans, Oscar van der Put - schilderijen, Max Joey van den Hout - performance, Bruno Ferroxavierdasilva - muziek

Next edition-  Seasoning Part 4 - will take place on December 19 and 20. We will keep you informed.

Still room for new guests for this edition.
Do you have a solo / performance that lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and that fits the profile? Are you looking for a new experience? Don't hesitate to contact us and send us an e-mail with a breef description of your performance and a link to your work to: info@united-c.nl

Exhibition students Design Academy during DDW

During the Dutch Design Week, there will be an exhibition of 8 students from the Design Academy at United-C. Kleine Berg 62 Eindhoven
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/760838130640881/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular
DDW will take place from October 18 till October 26, daily form 3 PM till 9 PM





OPEN HOUSE | SEPTEMBER 7th 2014 by rebecca sier

We open the doors of our Art House at Kleine Berg 62 Eindhoven from 12 AM till 5 PM

You may drop by, have a look, maybe drink a coffee or something else, and watch some old and news video's of the work of the Cowboys. Who knows, maybe there will be some live music.



United-C shows new developments on the field of live art;
focussed on (international) performance and accompanied by music and fine arts.

Seasoning: flavouring, the preparation
Free translation: cherry-picking, the ice on the cake

The first weekend of Autumn starts with Seasoning 2014 – Part 3.
United-C presents a programm inspired by stir, change and a light melancholia..
The programm consists of dance, performance, music and video, brought as one ongoing flow, by United-C and guests.

For Seasoning 2014 – Part 3,

There is room to invite a new guest.
If you have a short solo or performance that would fit the profile,
-duration between 10 and 20 minutes
-and you are into a new experience,
please send material, or a link to your work AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to:

We offer an inspiring environment with a technically equipped performing space, time to rehearse and if required, a place to sleep.
we ask curiosity and a flexible attitude.

dates: Sept 19 and  20
time: 20.30h
location: United-C, Kleine Berg 62 Eindhoven Holland
build-up from: Sept. 16
contact: info@united-c.nl


Seasoning - Part 2, the Summer Edition took place on June 20 and 21

Light, hope, seduction and laziness; Lets start Summer dancing.

With: Jan Martens, Cloé Geers, Tahlita De Decker, Wannes De Porre, Evelyne Rossie, Angelle Peters, Pierre Enaux, Kai Chang, Joey Schrauwen, Kim Hoogterp, Iris Penning, Ernst van Aaken, Edward Capel, Anke van den Brink.

Seasoning - Part 1 , the Spring Edition took place on March 21 and 22

Awakening, blossoming and rumination.

with:  Timmy van Zoelen, Kevin Callagher, Wilhelm Blomberg, Mayke van Kruchten, Har van der Put, Inez van Vuren, Jelena Kostic, Judit Ruiz, Marie Goeminne, Andre Drosha Grekhov, Edan Gorlicki; United-C performers:  Lucie Petrusova, Blazej Jasinski, Sophy Ribrault, Hanne Schillemans, Sarah Bostoen and special, unexpected guest Marcel Roelfsema
Music:  Ralph Timmermans, Rebecca Sier, Johan Reijnders.

About United-C

United-C aims for collaboration and exchange between art forms and artists, balancing between borders of theatre, dance and Performance Art. In the last 20 years they have initiated a large amount of concepts and Performances to do research on similarities and differences in Art, in which dance and non-verbal performance are the starting points
Further, there is the concept Lust for Life, developed by United-C, with a new edition every year. Lust for Life brings together Art Forms and Artists in one big space – theatre or location-. The artistic team of United-C leads the audience passed performances, music, video and dance. As in one continuous flow of images. Then, in the studio of United-C, an artists-in -residence place is developed, an inspiring house, in which artists can do research, discuss and perform. The audience is invited to be part of the creation process, by public rehearsals and meetings with the artist. With all the activities, we aim for innovation by creation, participation and presentation.

Former projects have learned that there is an important task to contribute to further development of an (international) art circuit to stimulate this collaboration and exchange in order to come to new forms of creation and presentation.

Journalist R. van der Heijden about United-C:

They are authorities, choreographer Pauline Roelants and director Maarten van der Put, the artistic hub of the Eindhoven-based company United-C. Authorities in the field of video, performance, dance, music, art. These are all elements that colour the performances of United-C and distinguish the group from other companies that use multidisciplinary elements to underline their performances. The pieces of United-C are built on associations, never content or story. The only thing that binds all creations is mankind in his actions and behaviour. And then preferably those actions arising from the subconscious. This approach helped building the work of United-C to actually being a series of fragmentary portraits, all grouped around human emotions. Reason is often hard to find, by the method of Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants the so-called culture is inexorably pierced.


NEWSLETTER | JULY 2014 by rebecca sier


All Photography by Hans Spiegelaar

Pulling a dead horse. Do you know that Dutch expression?

Just recently, a journalist asked us how we were doing, as United-C he meant. Maarten put it as follows: we are pulling an unconscious horse, you know, it is not dead, but heavy, not working against us, but surely also not helping an inch.Maybe it is because of this horse, but we feel more and more like cowboys again, adventurous, sturdy, dexterous Without pulling the bow, we can say that we did quite good, this first half of 2014. We managed to survive another fall back in financial basis, we did interesting research and gained artistic success with both BURN as Seasoning. We met new, refreshing dancers and performers, we learned who our friends are, also who are not, and feel happy about the outcome of that.

To go short, we sense some kind of revival, revival of de cowboys. United Cowboys.

We gladly invite you to come and see BURN in ’ s-Hertogenbosch, or to contact us about possible participation in Seasoning - Part 3 ;  to become our friend, as audience, as drawee or as participant.

The new work of United-C will be performed at Festival Boulevard Den Bosch (NL) on August 13 - 14 -15 & 16.
For Festival Boulevard United-C will build a biotope in the W2 / The Body Building, in which dancers, performers, musicians and a cameraman reside. The audience is invited to observe and absorb this world from all sides and angles and at their own timing. United-C challenges the spectator to have the courage to stay, but also to perhaps leave and return later. BURN could last infinitely; at Festival Boulevard the biotope is daily accessible from 7.00 PM till 11.30 PM.
Tickets: www.theaterfestivalboulevard.nl

The audience about BURN at Parktheater Eindhoven

The dancers are very much energetic and they go for it. I found the individual dances and duets that were shown very successful, Being quite athletic and danced with very intensively. The live music was great. To go short: a performance I highly recommend. (Hans)

Super performance. The concept is very successful. What is being shown stays interesting from start to finish. I enjoyed the music and the singing a lot. And yes, the energy of the performers seems unstoppable. (Willem)

I relished this performance. Such beautiful images and such personalities! Great concept, too. The audience is being challenged to search for exactly that what he wants to see and experience. (Petra van Gerwen)

Surprising, innovative and a perfect combination of live music and electronics. Mixed performance of dance, theatre, music, movement and sound. And also humor involved. (Joost Atteveld)

I know where they can find me this Summer: In Den Bosch to experience more United-C. (Bert Pairoux)

BURN is a new concept by United Cowboys.
Artistic team: Maarten van der Put, Pauline Roelants and Ralph Timmermans.
In a mythological setting including an upper- and an underworld, BURN combines large video projections with dance sections, performed live by a cast of international dancers, connected to United-C. The dancers and their inexhaustible energy on stage; the iconic images, large, as clouds, above them. The performances of United-C show the Human being pur sang. Naked; literally, or in their being. The more zoomed in, the more we can feel it, the more we know damn well we are also one of them. Human: one can either laugh or cry. BURN embraces the Human being that just tries to make the best of it. After all heroism and bluff, the only wish remaining: love me, believe in me, for I am just I.

Created with and performed by (in different formations): Sarah Bostoen, Hanne Schillemans, Chris van der Weide, Anni Kaila, Wilhelm Blomberg, Martí Güell Vallbona, Jef Stevens, Almudena Ballesteros Parejo, Jade van den Hout, Melanie Weijters; music: Ralph Timmermans, Rebecca Sier, Johan Reijnders.

Let’s start the Summer dancing

In the weekend of June 21st, when Summer kicked off, Seasoning - Part 2 took place in the diverse spaces of the Art House of United-C at Kleine Berg 62 in the center of Eindhoven, Holland, including the new Light club. 
United-C offered a program in which light, hope, seduction and laziness prevailed.

United-C would like to thank her special guests for their inspiring work and contribution to a sultry and summer atmosphere:

Jan Martens, Cloé Geers, Tahlita de Decker, Wannes de Porre, Evelyne Rossie, Angelle Peters, Pierre Enaux, Kai Chang, Joey Schrauwen, Kim Hoogterp, Iris Penning, Ernst van Aaken, Edward Capel, Anke van den Brink.

Missed it? There will be a Seasoning with every changing of the Season. Next one on Sept. 19 and 20. We will be happy to keep you informed!

If you have (new) work you’d like to present, don't hesitate to send us information and material. 
Contact: info@united-c.nl 

Short news:

*We received the sad news that Arnaud Jacobs died at the age of 44.
Arnaud was one of the Cowboys from 1999 till 2003. We remember him as a a remarkable, talented and lovely artist.

We wish Rachida and the children all the strength. 

*United-C is part of the "Masterplan Talentontwikkeling” supported by the BKKC. This gives us opportunity to develop the concept Seasoning, invite artists in residence and make it possible for students in dance /performance to participate in the works of United-C.

*United-C will remain her ANBI status.

*United-C participates in the Urban Exploring Art Tours, organized in Eindhoven;
Would you like to experience Eindhoven in a special way? Come along on Exploring Tours Eindhoven! Saturday, October 18th, the first Art Tour is taking place. Tickets: of 67 euro per person, order here: bestellen!

Website: http://www.urbanexploringtours.nl/index.html

*Since we put back the "-owboys", you can also address us as United Cowboys, www.unitedcowboys.net.