Seasoning | Part 3 | September 19 & 20 | United Cowboys Art House Eindhoven 

photographer Hans Spiegelaar

photographer Hans Spiegelaar


New developments on the field of live-art; focussed on (international) performance, accompanied by music and fine arts.

Seasoning: flavoring, cherry-picking, the ice on the cake.

Every start of the quarter of the year, Seasoning takes place in the various spaces of the art house of United-C. A program with new acquired performances selected by United-C, especially for you.
Seasoning Part 3, in the weekend of September 19 and 20, is inspired by stir, change, and a light melancholia.
With a certain excitation we start the fall.

In this edition, amongst others:

Prelude of the new solo of Sarah Bostoen (dance) with music of Ralph Timmermans

Prelude duet of Andreia Rodrigues and Charlotte Goesaert (dance) and beatboxer Joost Maaskant

Paintings of Sabina Timmermans and Oscar van der Put, both nominated for the Royal Award of Modern Painting 2014

more to come: video, performance, poetry; we will keep you informed.

Seasoning - Part 3
Location: United-C, Kleine Berg 62, Eindhoven, Holland
Dates: Sept 19 & 20
Time: 20.30 h
Contact and tickets: info@united-c.nl

We are looking forward to welcome you at Seasoning-Part 3



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photography: Hans Spiegelaar & Tuur Uyttenhove