with: Kuiperskaai - music performance , Morgane Charpentier - circus performance, Fanny Vande Sande, Robin Vanden Bussche - dance performance, Evangelos Biskas V & Elysia Ma Mullan - dance impro, Joana Chicau - performance, Why Not, Marjolein Vogels & Daisy Benz - dance film

On March 17 & 18, Seasoning Spring / Lente will take place at Art House United Cowboys.
The program is curated by the artistic team of United Cowboys: Maarten van der put and Pauline Roelants.

In Seasoning, the cowboys make place for he new generation. Young guests,of whom we think they will have a saying in the upcoming Art Field.
Dance, performance, music, fine arts.
On forehand they work in the art house, they meet and discuss, they watch each others work and rehearsals, who knows, this will start a collaboration.


dates: March 17& 18
time: 8.30 PM
location : Art House United -C
address: Kleine Berg 62 Eindhoven
tickets: / 0402371277
price: 10,00 / CJP - student - mbo card 7,50

Form March 8th on, we introduce our guests. One every day. Today:

1. Kuiperskaai - music performance

We've got nothing on our hands
no blood
no lands
no floods
no pants

no freedom no laughs
no greener than grass


Four performers are searching unity in a musical no man's land. Maxime Rouquart creates a music performance in confrontation with the visual style of collective and theater company Kuiperskaai.

concept and composition Maxime Rouquart I met Simon Lenski, Romy Louise Lauwers, Maxime Rouquart, Oscar van der Put en Gregory Simons

photo: © Adam Russell

photo: © Adam Russell

2. Evangelos Biskas V and Elysia Mc Mullan - Dance improvisation

"We are in creation process for our new work ‘In Search of a Title’ in which we collect different material through presentations of improvisation.
Improvisation for us is a medium to channel the psychological reaction of repressed and unresolved situations. Key elements that specify this type of improvisation are; dialogue of the bodies, working with how impulses can either shape or be shaped by physicality and the interaction between live music and the performers.
Our aim is to invite the audience into a trip, to stimulate one’s fantasy and to open up new doors for interpretations and associations. To inspire them to experience things from a different perspective so that they can re-evaluate on basic principles of human nature."

3. Fanny Vande Sande & Robin Vanden Bussche - dance


A poetic and recognizable beginning of landscapes created by body parts that subtly appear to disappear again. The dancers endeavour unity and share their intimite moments with the audience.

A portret. With images like melting body parts and the necessity to connect the own body with that of the other, we establish a personal universe.

4. Morgane Charpentier - circus performance

Until the end.....

« Here they are. Just a dead tree and a woman. Everything is gone except their raw presence. Then slowly they will be reborn by their strength. »

« Until the end…. »is still a work in progress. With this piece I finally try out an idea that grew inside my head since a while.


5. Joana Chicau - performance

“A WebPage in Three Acts” is an assemblage of visual and graphic experiments into a new hybrid form of composition, combining principles of choreography within the formal structures of coding. The screen becomes an open stage for the new code which links choreography and web programming; body and language.

Joana Chicau [PT] is a media designer, with a background in performance - classical ballet and contemporary dance. In her practice she investigates the possible connections between – and coexistence of – choreography and media design, aiming to open the possibilities for new aesthetic, energetic and social dimensions in design production processes.


photo: Francisco Trento

photo: Francisco Trento

6. WhyNOt & Blank Blank - dance movie

NL | 2017 | 17′


Leave Body Behind is an experimental filmproject of dance- en performance-platform WhyNot and filmstudio Blank Blank.

Four choreographers each created a scène based on different ways of 'letting go' of the physical body: death, orgasm and transcedental rituals. In the short movie the fragments are brought together to one story - a mystic search for spiritual freedom, captured in movement.

Leave Body Behind came out during a residency at Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.



Former editions:


on december 2 & 3 at Art House United-C.
8.30 PM / tickets
In this edition of Seasoning, the cowboys literally make place for the next generation.Young guests, from whom we think they will have a saying in the upcoming Art Field.
At Seasoning Special this first bunch shows what they are up to now. From tomorrow on we will introduce these artists; a.o. Vito Willems, Tamar Blom, Matthias Van Dromme, Hannah De Meyer, Yannick Jacquet

1. Vito Willems (sound artsist) - Glimpulse.

'Glimpulse' exposes the duality of focus. In this performance there is a state in which sensory impulses distracts shaping an unified image. Being aware of releasing these impulses a transformation into a focussed state appears. Without distraction an unity will be experienced and a much more controlled state of focus appears.

The performance takes place in a concentrated setting where audio, spatial and visual elements are fusing together into an unified whole. This 360˚ experience creates an immersed environment where time and space diffuses. Live-electronics and spatialization with reactive visual elements are combined to create this way of perception.

2. Hannah de Meijer

Levitations / Pilot I performance (only on dec 2nd)

Hannah De Meyer is fascinated by moments in which life and death nearly touch each other.
Death approaching intensifies several aspects of human life.
Our sorrows,
our despair,
our deep vulnerability,
our innocence,
and our desire to love someone and to show it.

In the spring of 2017 Hannah De Meyer will be making Levitations.
A performance for two actors and a dancer.
Pilot I is the first meeting between Hannah and dancer Kinga Jaczewska.
They will investigate correlations between movement and (projected) text.
The Tibetan Book Of Living and Dying will loosely serve as an inspiration in their meeting.
Pilot I is created and shown at United Cowboys.

3. Matthias van Dromme - photograhy

Matthias is showing work from his series "WORK IN PROGRESS"
Nowadays, everyone has a photo camera in his pocket. As a photographer, you want more than just making a nice picture; you want to get to work with the medium. My search for a personal imagery is highly connected to the subject. I play with the illusion of outness, by manipulating reality and esthetics. A personal approach of the genre: telling about the other through yourself. The documentary series „WORK IN PROGRESS” takes the young, energetic theatre company Kuiperskaai as the subject. The road they go in the actual cultural landscape, in which they distinctively assert their voices.

4. Yannick Jaquet - music

Yannick started music with the cello at the age of 5. After many years of classical studies, he turned to jazz and now practice several instruments among which, piano, clarinet, guitar, double bass. He’s getting a bachelor's degree in piano and cello at Jazz Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2016. Singing has always been for him the most powerful vehicle for transmitting emotion. He’s now devoting himself to a research of his vocal universe, composing pop/jazz songs.
He's also working on a new conception of singing with a cello as an accompaniment, using different modes of playing, in between written pieces, full improvisation, live compositions.

5. Tamar Blom - performance

In this week of residency at United-C Tamar starts his research for a new work. The work researches our (in)ability to desire, to love and to be intimate. In a consumerist society we have started to treat each other as consumables. Our relationships have become increasingly superficial and replaceable. In this context, how can we find love and intimacy. Or can't we? This first research consist of various short collaborations with other artists and colleagues whom have joined him during this proces: Isadora Tomasi, Pleun Van Dijk , Francesca Lazzeri, Hidde Aans-Verkade, Matteo Bifulco and Koen Bartijn. The final work will come out in the summer of 2017.


dates: december 2 & 3

location: Art Houde United-C

address: Kleine Berg 62 Eindhoven

time: 8.30 PM

tickets: / 00 31 402371277

pric: 10,00 / cjp-mbocard-student 7,50

Former event: SEASONING # 10

And here we go! SEASONING # 10 on June 24 & 25
at Art House United-C. tickets:
From June 13th on, we introduce our guests - don't miss it.

Every change of the Season a fresh program of dance, performance, fine arts and a bit of music, specially curated for you by the artistic team of United Cowboys: Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants.

United Cowboys invites (young) artists to show their recent work and presents it in one ongoing flow. The audience is being guided along the works and is able to experience them from nearby, almost touchable.
The Summer edition of Seasoning 2016 is inspired by shimmering and sultriness
Seasoning takes place in the various spaces of Art House United-C , at the Kleine Berg 62 , in the center of Eindhoven .

Dates: Fr. 24-06 en Sa. 25-06
Location: Art House United-C
Address: Kleine Berg 62 Eindhoven
Time: 8.30 PM
Price: 10,00 / 7,50 CJP-students-MBO card-cultuurkaart
Tickets: / +31 (0) 40237127



Our guests of SEASONING # 9 that took place on March 17 & 18:


1. Evangelos Biskas V - dance solo impro

The Jazz Dog

This solo is an ongoing and never-ending research of how sound can influence, shape, color, almost manipulate, movement in one's body. Lately, I am discovering the history and the development of jazz music. A sentence that describes how I feel about it is the following; “Jazz music celebrates life, human life; its range, absurdity, ignorance, greatness, intelligence, sexuality and performativity and it deals with it.”
I am very fascinated to explore the unlimited musical choices when improvising with sound and use my body almost as a musical instrument with physicality being its language. My aim is to make links between those two improvisation vocabularies; jazz and movement improvisation.
I am discovering the automatic/unconscious body memory. Jazz musicians find logical ways, then they avoid them and let their inner selves break through and guide them. Like in jazz pieces, there is a structure which the body understands but it eventually gets lost in it by gaining an automatic motion in a subjective and personal way. Through this manner, deep emotional, physical and spiritual colors start to communicate and express one’s existence.

2. Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen - dance duet

BLACKPOOL- ‘Uncensored autobiographical’

People all over the world enjoy the social and competitive nature of ballroom dancing.
While many international TV formats have made ballroom dancing known to the big public, the actual events take place in more closed circles.

Choreographers Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen are former top ballroom dancers and both of them went to study contemporary dance in the Netherlands.
For this new performance they are going to return to their roots and explore how participation to competitive ballroom dancing influenced theirs and other lives.

Premiere of Blackpool will be 16th of June 2016 in Kuopio, Finland. In Eindhoven Milla and Jaakko will show work in progress versions of the piece.

4. Vito Willems - Music/sound "Impossible Interaction".

The performance has a cold and melancholic touch. This attempts to express that the border between emotion and technology covers an area of knowledge that we still have to investigate. Is technological emotion possible? There is a form of communication, but will it have the same mystical power as human interaction? The cold impact of this performance doubts and criticizes this possibility.

I used the leap-motion and a webcam for tracking my face expressions and gestures. With Max/MSP i linked the data of the movements to musical parameter. These parameters are effects l made like ring-modulators, delay and bit-crushers. The idea behind this performance is to present it in a live situation.

3. Lucie Petrusova and Marius Pohlmann - dance duet created by Pauline Roelants

The duet Eeuwig Idool premiered in January in Tilburg. For Seasonig we bring a special version.

quote review:
From that moment on, two forces are working; Roelants herself, follows the emotion she arouses with her music, searching, impatient, with an angry, provoking energy, that fails to focus and lacks direction. In the meantime, on the plith, an asthonishing other world is being told fully concentrated in a strong physical language , containing either dance and acrobatics. The intimicy gains power because of the contrast that Roelants applies. With the faces close to one another, the eyes aligned,, their hands find eachother faultlessly, she knows when she can hang, he knows where she wants to stand. Aound them, hell may break loose. It is another mans hell. (****Theaterkrant)

link review (Dutch):

photo: Maarten van der Put

photo: Maarten van der Put

5. Luisa Schmitz -  choreographyand Elysia Mc Mullen - dance

“Tales of Nevermore”

Experience the gloomy temperament of an individual drifting in the universe of no more. She swoops etiquette implying a phantom of the former. Despite her own madness appreciating a great sense of humor.

Music: Lord Buckley – The Raven
Mozart – Lacrimosa
Trentemoller – Gush,
Cristobal Tapia de Veer – Meditative Chaos

season ticket 2016

season ticket 2016

Now available: Season Ticket 2016; for only 35,00; the ticket gives free entrance to all 4 editions of Seasoning in 2016, plus for one edition you can bring someone along. order by / reference: season ticket 2016



On December 18 & 19 2015, Seasoning #8 took place at Art House United-C.

With a.o.: Danceperformance ARNHEMS Work/Jason Gwen, dance solo Samuel Feldhandler, musician MaximeRouquart with a Gost rocktrip, paintings by Frank van Ansem, singersongwriter Jane Who, spoeken word and music by Iris Penning, performance by Alexandra Brenmers, and Maarten van der Put made a performance with and for danxcer Florencia Martina.

1. VANsterdam - JASON GWEN/arnhems work - danceperformance


VANsterdam is a 45 min tripping performance on Jason’s experience of Vancouver’s nightlife in 2015, addressing the emancipation on leisure. Where marihuana consumption falls under medicinal usage, where the first and only sex club opened only a few years ago, and drinking alcohol is permitted on the streets. A look at the contrast on rules and regulations, and the emancipation that has been preceded in the 90’s in Amsterdam and Westen Europe.


Jason Gwen is a Dutch/Vietnamese performance and visual artist. With his hybrid art vessel ARNHEMS Work, Jason travels and creates various art works with local artists and organizations, about local subjects. Within the work he’s always in search of experiencing different realities, with the goal to share these experiences with the audience and to have a look together in people’s choices, which leads to a certain daily pattern, lifestyle and reality.

2. Maxime Rouquart - music

Ghost rock is a free form-rock trip. A Babylonian journey that takes the audience and performers in and out of trance,
where the sense & nonsense of worship dictate the logic of communication.
A ghastly intimate experience.

with: Maxime Rouquart (Kuiperskaai, Eraserhead BE), Vadim Rouquart (Eraserhead BE)

photo: Dries Dewulf

3. Alexandra Bremers - performance

Being the child of a Chinese mother and a Dutch father, Alexandra Bremers (1995) was raised with influences from both cultures. During the two days of Seasoning she will go back to her childhood to tell a personal story about nosebleeds, hot summers in Beijing and her grandmother's wisdom


4. Iris Penning / Mickey Wo from Wakkerlicht - music and spoken word-

"Wakkerlicht is a collective dat expresses itself in spoken-word, music and poetry. The six members from Belgium and Holland, empower their forses and are busy to work on their creation in theater At Seasoning Mickey Wo en Iris Penning will be there to set the tone for what is about to come.
-only on dec. 19th -

5. Samuel Feldhandler (FR) - dance solo

This solo is a result of my ongoing research on how to translate musical composition techniques in Dance. It is a sonata consisting of three parts: a sonata-form, a little ternary form, and a theme & variations.

In this choreography, I mainly focus on the use of motives, as derived from musical composition. A motive is the most basic material, or smallest common denominator for a piece. I use four motives which I consider as my basic motives, and from which all the elements of the work are derived via the use of repetition and variation.

Viewing composition as a mean to show one idea through different angles and circumstances, the basic motives represent the idea that is shown through different forms and structures. Each of those forms will treat the motives differently, giving a broader perspective on what those motives can be, and making them more meaningful as dance material.


5. Jan Who - singer songwriter

Jane Who is a singer/songwriter form Rotterdam, that started her education at Rock City in Eindhoven
She getst inspiration out of dayly life, especially the sad side. With influences of Ryan Adams, Glen Hansard and Regina Spektor she writes intimate songs straight from the hart.

In Maart 2016 she will release her EP “Songs for Robin” An initimte song about just one person: Robin. .


- only on december 18th -

6. Frank van Ansem - paintings

" Nature is not on the surface, but in depth; the colours on the surface are an expayssion of this depth, they rise from the roots of the world".

Paul Cezanne 1921

For Frank, painting is about touching., Sometimes rough, sometimes, subtile, but alwyas with emotion. Touching is not only about the surface, but also about meaning and content; what you touch, that content, is changeble in the work of Frank.

7. Maarten van der Put - Florencia Martina- performance

The performance series of Maarten van der Put (artistic team of United-C) is ongoing; already consisting of 15 performances about the body and about being.
With Florencia he worked for several week, to get a hold on her strength and vulnerability and create the outmost balance of humanity, beauty and surrender.

More tomorrow about Seasoning #8 ; tickets: (7,50 / CJP-students and MBO card 5,00)



September 25th and 26th - 8.30PM Art House United-C


Seasoning has become a significant concept in Eindhoven . Every new season a new edition. with a program, especially curated by the artisic team of United Cowboys:  Maarten van der Put en Pauline Roelants.

Seasoning: flavouring, cherry picking, the ice on the cake.
United Cowboys shows actual developments on the field of live-art, focussed on (international) performance,accompanied by music and fine arts.

In the weekend Fall has set in, Seasoning #7 takes place in the various spaces of Art House United-C. 
United Cowboys invites -young- guests to show new and recent work The audiendceis being guided along the works, that they can experience from nearby.
The program of the Fall edition is inspired by fickleness and change and is presented in an ongoing flow of performances.

Every day we introduce some of our guests.

Here they are:  Ende der Zukunft from and with Kristel van Issum and Marc Vanrunxt, Truus Bronkhorst and Jens van Noten,  and BLACK ASH from Andrea Hackl; Young painter Wannes Vanwijnsberghe; performer Jeroen Kuster, artist and writer Griet Menscgaert an The Free Buileders from Evelyne Rossie / Ido Tabash

6. Evelyne Rossie and Ido Tabash - dance

Evelyne Rossie and Ido Tabash are working in our Art House this week and on Friday they show the try-out of The Free Builders, the performance that will premiere later,during Moving Futures.

foto Evelyne en Ido.JPG

5. Griet Menschaert - artist and writer

Since 2003, Griet lives and works in Eindhoven. For Euro Land Art, she made the book "Brabants Sirenenland", with poems and images and she released several publications in which she seeks the borders between fine arts and language.
Beginning of 2015, she published a book with poet texts about the I and the other. At the same time she became frontwoman of a literary-music band. Both the book as the band are called De Grot. Griet Menschaert is freelance editor and mostly writes about art, literature and cross overs between music and text. She has a thing with dance. en

Griet is nominated for Eindhoven City poetry

griet klein.png

4. Jeroen Kuster - performance (performing only on saturday)

Joe Kisser: noise with childrens toys, that make you smile.



3. Wannes Vanwijnsberghe

Wannes Vanwijnsberghe(1992°) lives and works in Gent. In his studio he surrounds himself with his archive of images, grabbed from internet and out of magazines, combined with his own collection of animalprints.The start of his work happens without previous investigation; his first layers count as sketches that reveal to be more and more useful during the process
Fascinated by fauna and flora and by natural phenomena he creates paintings that play with depth and with the flat, by either giving meaning to an image or letting it slumber in a frog of questions. As painter, he focusses on the materiality of paint; using it in a volatile way or rather expose it to deeper analysis. The use of differences in scale is a regular approach, the transformation of objects into something really small and already forgotten to the spectator, or making a mountain out of a molehill. The oeuvre of Wannes has been placed under “Artificial Habitat”. Abstraction and figuration touch each other to strand in a peculiarly pictoriality.



2. Andrea Hackl - dance and video installation

Adrea Hackl, born in Austria, is based in The Netherlands & Austria and works as freelance choreographer, dancer and video artist. Hackl's work and artistic practice has been influenced by various artists such as Gabriella Maiorino, Emanuel Gat, Ime Essien, Anouk van Dijk, Tony Vezich as well as the work of writers and philosophers, e.g.: Stephen Nachmanovitch & John Dewey. Her understanding of dance & movement has been enriched by various methods of energetic & somatic work, e.g.: Yoga & Continuum Movement.

She will perfrom her new solo (in progress)

“BLACK ASH, Singing over Bones”
is a raw fairytale. It speaks of our wildish nature and instinct, our inner wisdom to let things die when they must. It's a rite of passage, a journey of initiation, that is yours as much as its mine. It takes us to a world between worlds, where things have no name and life gets reborn. So, give me the death I need and my heart will sing up new life."

as well as a video / installation.

more about Seasoning tomorrow.



Truus Bronkhorst | Marc Vanrunxt | Kristel van Issum |Jens van Noten


Together with Jens, Truus dances in a piece, created by 4 generations od dancemakers.

Four embodiments of Dance, that teel one story all together. Generations with different passes and different futures. The performance makes connections through time and space, with the duet as a sum, as break-up, als mirror, as duplication.

After the succesful She was a visitore, the solo with which she reaped a lot of appreciation, Truus Bronkhorst now appears with Ende der Zukunft. Again, she works closely with two choreographers, but now also with a second dancer.

With Marc Vanrunxt and Kristel van issum, Truus creates a new link in her long series of powerful, personally loaded dance performances.

After teh solo comes the duet. Two people / dancers either complement or contradict eachother. The sart of communiaction and axchange.

Concept: Truus Bronkhorst Choreography: Kristel van Issum en Marc Vanrunxt Dance: Truus Bronkhorst en Jens Van Noten

Coproduction: Stichting van de Toekomst, VZW Kunst/Werk en T.R.A.S.H.
Made possible by following funds: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

photo: Leo van Velzen

photo: Leo van Velzen

More about Seasoning #7 tomorrow.



SEASONING #6 | June 26 & 27 2015
tickets: / 00 31 40 2371277

- attention: dates have changed -

The first weekend of Summer, Seasoning #6 will take place.

United Cowboys shows new developments in the field of live-art; focussed on (international) performance and guided by music and fine arts.
New guests, with new work, in the inviting environment of Art House United-C, based at Kleine Berg 62 in Eindhoven.
The program of the Summer edition is inspired by shimmering, sultriness, and substantiality and is presented in an ongoing flow of performances.

From June 15 on we introduce our guests and facebook / united-c

Datas: June 26 & 27
Time: 8.30 PM
Location: Art House United-C, Kleine Berg 62, Eindhoven, Holland

Tickets: / 040 2371277
Price: 7,50 / 5,00 CJP - Cultuurkaart - MBO card



Our guests:

1.  with plesure we introdcue Sabine Molenaar (dance movie)

That's it - the movie
(there is a stage version and a movie version based on the the concept)

Where do dreams end and reality begin?
In this oppressing dream the personage drifts among layers of reality, claws her way back from nightmare dreamscapes and morphs to creatures hidden in the darkest recess of our minds in a dream that transforms body, time and space.
Nothing is what it seems. In spirals of discomfort the personage keeps the viewer in a state of non-control mirrored, opening the gateway to other worlds of perception where but one burning question exists: where do dreams end and reality begin?

Concept and direction: Sabine Molenaar & Lisa De Boeck
Performance and Choreography: Sabine Molenaar
Cinematography: Lisa De Boeck
Music: Emilian Gatsov
Thanks to: workspacebrussels and 4Culture Association (Bucharest) Jardin d’Europe, Culture Programme of the European Union

sabine molenaar_3thatsit_©lisa de boeck_LOW RES.jpg

photo: Lisa de Boeck


2. Ulrike Dozmann (dance performance)

title: Sehnsucht
Idea and performing: Ulrike Doszmann
duration: 20 minuten

Poetry, an enervating subject in itself. But even more, combined with music, the whole hits you as a blow.
SEHNSUCHT reveals the close ties between the two disciplines.
Using one of her dearest songs, Ulrike Doszmann show how incisively this connection can be.
She shows us in a dry comic, but sometimes tragic way.

photo: Chantal Rens

3. Veerle Dijsselbloem - actress


Director and scenographer of United Cowboys, Maarten van der Put, creates pfysical performances custom made for- and with the performer. For this Seasoning he worked with young actress Veerle Dijsselbloem. Result is the intimite performance Veerle

foto: Maarten van der Put

foto: Maarten van der Put

4. Hannah Krol (performance)

Hannah Krol (1989). graduated at the AKV Sint Joost in Breda - fine arts in 2013.

Central in my work are the power of mankind and the direct interaction between people. Those elements give my art projects and performances an universal character. In my projects, subjects of which we are partly aware, but not known to us as key point, are being negotiable in a direct way, like fleeing or body odor.
In my perfomances though, the audience is invited to take part in the moment in an indirect, subtile but at the same time inescapable way. A relationship arises between performer and spactator, where they have an equal role, and both have to react on each other in the actual moment. Themes like existance, suffering and power are treated in an essential way. Besides physicality, they give the performance a psychological, social and ethical aspect.

5. Lucie Petrusova T.R.A.S.H. - dance

Milk II
The space is Dark and scarsely decorated. A table and a lamp. A white dove - sign of peace, feminity and fertility - lies stock-still on the table, Yet, there is hope. Hope to a new life. The searching can start.

Milk II is a solo for T.r.a.s.h.-performer Lucie Petrusová, created by choreographer Kristel van Issum. A tender and yet fierce story in which very step, every wingbeat is newly lived. A personal story, made in a period that compelld a new beginning. A rite of passage to new colours.

Concept & Choreography: Kristel van Issum, Scenery: Paul van Weert, Performed by: Lucie Petrusová, Editing soundtrack: Jeske de Blauw, Dramaturgic advise: René Jagers

Milk II is a co-production with Theater im Ballsaal en Brotfabrik, Bonn (DE).

foto: PaulWeerts

foto: PaulWeerts

6. Pauine Roelants dance performance - direction Maarten van der Put

United Cowboys shows obne of the studiesfor Stand Alone.

Stand Alone is a new performance, especially made for the Stedelijk Museum "s Hertogenbosch SM's, and performed there on August 13, 14 and 15 - 9.30 PM at Theaterfestival Boulevard Stand Alone is created with- and performed by :Hanne Schillemans, Evelyne Rossi, Jef Stevens, Anni Kaila, Wilhelm Blomberg, Marti Guëll Valbona, Sophy Ribrault, Sam Scheuermann and Pauline Roelants.
The study we show at Seasonming #6 is a physical dance performance with a lot of dross, performed by Pauline Roelants.

foto: Maarten van der Put

foto: Maarten van der Put

7. Jelena Kostic - dance movie

Also at Seasoning #6, the short movie Appa=earance from Jelena Kostic.

video still Appearance

video still Appearance


We definitely entered Spring with certain excitation! 2 evenings full house at Seasoning#5. Thank you dancers, performers, musicians, artists and thank you audience. See you agian next time!

Seasoning# 5 with: Sam Scheuermann, Steye Felix, Tanja Ritterbex, Adam Russell, Judith Clijsters, Maryam Kamal Hedayat, Marleen Manders, Marlieke Burghouts, Alice Labant, Sherry Ostapovich, Eline van Ark, Aida Guirro Salinas, Antonio MV

1. Judith Clijsters (choreographer):

Young choreographer and dancer Judith Clijsters (1986), educated in Leeds (NSCD), returned to Belgium after a short carreer in Great-Britain ( Phoenix Dance Theatre), She reconnected with the Flemish Contemporary Dance.
In Seasoning she shows her first solo "same self defined, 28 years later":

Who Am I? Or the other? What does the concept 'self' mean?
Personalised by memories, we renew ourselves over and over again. Like our cells. Judith Clijsters observes her own life. Does she get a clear image or " are we all just happening?" (Alan Watts)

Dance and choreography I Judith Clijsters
Video I Maryam Kamal Hedayat
Music I Roeland Luyten
Text and voice I Alan Watts
Light I Frank Hardy


Production: Judith Clijsters/Murmure vzw i.c.w. C-mine cultuurcentrum/werkplaats and woth support of Takt Dommelhof
Thanks to Ugo Dehaes, Diego Fe, Maarten Mellemans, Mark Watts and the Alan Watts Mountain Center - San Francisco

2. Steye Felix - paintings, performance /music

Steye Felix is working on a performance in which he combines his music with his way of working and his paintings.
Personally, he states the performance is his work.
It's about the way he sees his world and wants to portray the atmosphere he experiences in his life.
In the core he is a painter, but who said a painter can't sing? can't dance?

Steye Felix (1990) is a young artist whose practice has its foundations in formal painterly abstraction. Yet although the discipline painting remains an important center to his universe, Steye frequently ventures out on different paths, leading him to music, soundscapes, installations, even needlework and most recently glass.

The principles of his practice seem simple, but it’s simplicity comes through a labor intensive process. As a tight-rope walker Steye Felix creates compositions charged with tension by combining form and color in such a way that it feels ever so slightly off balance.

3.  Adam Russell - music

We saw Adam play at the great performance of Lisaboa HoubrechtsKuiperskaai: Mariembourg. And we fell in love immediately.
Under the title : "I haven't seen the Sun in days",he performs for us at Seasoning#5.

This is how he describes it himself:
Adam Russell (Be) sings songs about dooming tomorrows, unhealthy diets and other fun stuff.

4.Marieke Burghouts - dance

About the dance performance titled: je suis le ROI du monde
The piece discusses a universal issue, namely power and subversion of bodies in society. The performance is very interdisciplinary: mixing sound and video installation with dance and live interactive sound. These mediums are applied thoughtfully, drawing audiences in to the rich visual and aural words of the piece.

“Even though we construct society through and through, it surpasses us, it dominates us, it has its own laws, it is transcendent as nature.” Bruno Latour, We Have Never Been Modern. 1993

About the creation/collaboration
This piece is developed as part of my graduation of the M.A. Choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK. It was performed at Laban on July 17 2014. Choreographer Marlieke Burghouts developed this piece in collaboration with dancer Alice Labant and sound artist Sherry Ostapovich.

5. Sam Scheuermann / 6. Marleen Manders - performance

For Seasoning#5, director of United Cowboys Maarten van der Put,
worked with Sam Scheuermann – student at the Toneelacademie Maastricht- on new short performances.
The result is 3 intimite documents undoubtedly with the signature of Maarten, two of them performed with the freshness of young performer Sam. The third by punctual dancer Marleen Manders.

1. Fading Shades
A slight darkness, caused by the blocking of some light, - the dark parts of a picture something that screens or shelters from light or heat: “a large sunshade”. A variety of a colour; a slight difference; a slight amount; To shelter from light or heat. To make darker. To change very gradually from one colour to another.

2. Do you like this? Like this?
A self portrait at your service.

3. So you want Anger
Maarten van der Put’s favourite video pops up in almost all his work; the image of an extraordinary sweet black dancer who tries his outmost best to be angry. No succes.
This time, projected on the lap of an apparently innocent bride, the video embodies social issues like xenophobia, global injustice etc.

7. Eline van Ark - dance performance

The Invisible Dancer – try out

The Invisible Dancer is a sensorial dance performance that will be experienced with closed eyes. The sounds of the dancer will activate your imagination. Sound becomes tangible and movements get under your skin. Do you dare to surrender to the tangibility of the dark? Will you find your safety within the invisibility?

Close your eyes to see beyond the shape of dance, and discover how deep the experience can go.

 Work of Eline van Ark is sensorial, interactive, and conceptually simple yet strong. During the creative process of The Invisible Dancer, Eline collaborates with people with a visual impairment, residents of the Amsterdam Transvaal neighborhood, and (dance) artists. Together with them she researches the possibilities of listening to dance. With their feedback, knowledge and experience as a base, Eline will create the final version of the choreography. A choreography about blind trust.

our guests of Seasoning#5: Judith Clijsters (dance), Steye Felix (paintings / music performance : Marieke Burghouts (dnace)  , Eline van Ark (dance performance) , Adam Russell (music), Maxime Rouquart (music), Sam Scheuermann (performance UC), Marleen Manders (performance UC), António MV (video) . MORE TOMORROW.....

8. Antonio MV & Lotte van Gelder (Bela TV) - video

We celebrate our state of perennial ennuie, by carving out these short moments of dramatic impressions and serve them to you via screens. You see us. We dance, we fuck, we wait, we sport. We are forever hungry. We have eaten quite enough. And we are so sorry to have kept you waiting.

BELA TV for Seasoning #5: BELA TV is an artivist multifocal video platform that deals with issues of production, reproduction and the vacuous of visual imagery in the present digital age. TV BELA currently is carried by the participative input of dozens of artists and non-artists of various nationalities, a sum of more than 300 video objects, and several presentations all around Europe. For this Seasoning#5, António MV and Lotte van Gelder selected the following titles: "international walk of shame", "THE GESTUAL FILM", "reality hits", "somewhereovertherainbow", "THE FLASHING SHOW" and "reality hits".


Every changing of the Season a new Seasoning takes place.

Seasoning: flavouring, cherry-picking, the ice on  the cake.
United Cowboys shows new developments in the field of (international) live-art, accompanied by music and fine arts.
United Cowboys invites - young - artists to show new work. Dance,performance, music, fine arts. The spectator is guided along the works, that he can experience from close by, almost touch it. Seasoning is inspired by effusion and quintessence.

Seasoning takes place in the various spaces of Art House United-C at the Kleine Berg 62, in the center of Eindhoven.

Would you like to be part of Seasoning

We are always open for new guests to join next edition:
Do you have a solo / performance that lasts between 10 and 30 minutes and that fits the profile? Or do you have an ongoing performance, installation or concept? Are you looking for a new experience? Don't hesitate to contact us and send us an e-mail with a brief description of your performance and a link to your work as soon as possible.

We Offer:
An inspiring environment with a technically equipped performing space.
Time to rehearse and if required, a place to sleep.
Travel- and other expenses will be covered.

We Ask:
Curiosity and a flexible attitude.



Part 1

March 20 & 21 2014 we preluded Spring with Seasoning Part 1
A full weekend of performances, music, plastic art, with inspiring guests and an engaged audience.


Guests: Timmy van Zoelen, Kevin Callagher, Wilhelm Blomberg, Mayke van Kruchten, Har van der Put, Inez van Vuren, Jelena Kostic, Judit Ruiz, Marie Goeminne, Andre Drosha Grekhov, Edan Gorlicki.

United-C's crew: Lucie Petrusova, Blazej Jasinski, Sophy Ribrault, Hanne Schillemans, Sarah Bostoen and special, unexpected guest Marcel Roelfsema

Music by Ralph Timmermans, Rebecca Sier, Johan Reijnders.


Part 2

The weekend of June 21 we started Summer with Seasoning Part 2

A weekend inspired by light, hope, seduction and laziness.

gasten nieuw.jpg

with:  Jan Martens, Cloé Geers, Tahlita De Decker, Wannes De Porre, Evelyne Rossie, Angelle Peters, Pierre Enaux, Kai Chang, Joey Schrauwen, Kim Hoogterp, Iris Penning, Ernst van Aaken, Edward Capel, Anke van den Brink.

Part 3

With a certain excitation we announced Fall in the weekend of Sept. 20, 
Seasoning Part  3 was inspired by stir, change, and a light melancholia.

Guests of this edition were: Sabina Timmermans - paintings, Imke Zeinstra - performance, Sarah Bostoen - dance, Charlotte Goeasart - dance, Andreia Rodirgues-dance, Oscar van der Put - paintings, Max Joey van den Hout - performance, Bruno Ferroxavierdasilva - music

Part 4
Warmed and touched we let the Winter come on Dec. 19 and 20.
Seasoning Part 4 was inspired by fash,beauty and consolation.

Our guests: Katja Heitmann / Sander van der Schaaf – dans/installatie, Joris van Oosterwijk – beeldend werk/stamping art, Floortje Doeksen – dansduet, Hannah de Meijer / Mirthe Labree – performance, Chris van der Weide – performance, Longen – muziek, Melanie Weijters, Florencia Martina, Marleen Manders, Jan Martens, Oscar van der Put – performance United-C.