Still in business by Pauline Roelants

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Stad Eindhoven honoreert aanvraag United Cowboys wel:
De commissie heeft vertrouwen in de vakmatige kwaliteit van United Cowboys. In de cross-overs van dans met performance en beeldcultuur herkent zij een uitgesproken imago en een onderscheidende artistieke signatuur. Uit de aanvraag spreekt ambitie en met de omvorming van gezelschap tot platform en de ondersteuning van autonome talentontwikkeling is een nieuwe weg ingeslagen.

Still in business, nu voorwaarts!

City of Eindhoven grants application United Cowboys:
The advisory have faith in the professional quality of United Cowboys. In the cross-overs of dance with performance and visual arts, she recognizes an outspoken image and a distinctive signature. The appilcation radiates ambition and with a transition towards platform and support of autonomous talent support, a new direction is embarked.

HORSE WITH NO NAME at Seasoning Special by Pauline Roelants

In the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd, Seasoning Special took place at Art House United-C.

In this edition of Seasoning, the cowboys literally made place for the next generation. Young guests, from whom we think they will have a saying in the upcoming Art Field.
At Seasoning Special this first bunch showed what they are up to now.

Our guests Vito WillemsYannick JacquetMatthias Van DrommeHannah De MeyerTamar BlomRomy Louise LauwersKinga Jaczewska,  Pleun Van DijkFrancesca LazzeriHidde Aans-Verkade

more information about the program on : 

Thank you, all people involved in Seasoning Special last weekend.Also thanks to Oscar, Roel, Sjoerd, Coen, Ellen, Manon and Het Zuidelijk Toneel. It was a special one indeed. And.... thank you audience,it was nice to have you with us. Till the next!



ZERO by Pauline Roelants


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Terwijl we in Valencia op de IETM (international platform for information exchange of production and presentation of contemporary performing arts) inspirerende gesprekken voeren en mooie plannen maken voor de internationale tournee van Burn in Barcelona, Valencia, Keulen, Parijs, Birmingham, Quebec, New York, krijgen we een klap in het gezicht van de Provincie Noord-Brabant.
Alle inspanningen en resultaten van de afgelopen jaren en de goede vooruitzichten voor de komenden worden niet beloond, De Cowboys krijgen nul.
Dat doet pijn, veel pijn.

We krijgen veel berichten, van dansers en performers, van partneres, van collega's van ons publiek.
Dat doet goed, erg goed.

Maandag zijn we terug en moeten we iets met deze spagaat.
U hoort van ons, hoe dan ook.

While we are in Valencia at the IETM (international platform for information exchange of production and presentation of contemporary performing arts), where we have inspiring conversations and where we make exciting plans for the international tour of Burn in Barcelona, Valencia, Cologne, Paris, Birmingham, Quebec, New York, we are slapped in the face by the Province of Noord-Brabant. All effort and results of the past years, and the solid and good uitlook for the upcoming period are not being rewarded. The Cowboys get zero.
That hurts. A lot.

We receive al lot of messages. From our dancers and performers, our partners, our colleagues.
That feels good, We are moved.

On Monday we are back, then we need to do something about this Spilt.
You will be hearing from us, one way or the other.

Best of the Fest at Art House United-C by Pauline Roelants

Parktheater Eindhoven initiates the international Dancefestival Best of the Fest in Eindhoven and asks United Cowboys to curate a contribution to the program in her Art House at Kleine Berg 62, in the centre of the city.
The artistic team of United Cowboys, Maarten van der Put en Pauline Roelants put together a program of exclusive dance and performance solo's.
Solo’s, that show a new approach of the pshysicality and the mentality of performing.
Challenging works, actual, and international.
There will be work from the international DC Network Regions Flanders (BE), Catalunya (ES), Rhône -Alpes (FR) en Finland.

Besides that, every evening there will be a performance of United Cowboys, directed by Maarten van der Put and performed by Florencia Martina.

tickets: / +31 402111122

more information link :

Eeuwig Idool (Eternal Idol) this weekend in Tilburg by Pauline Roelants

This weekend - Sunday July 3rd - 3PM - Eeuwig Idool at On teh Move in Tilburg. /

Eeuwig Idool: a duet for and by Lucie Petrusova and Marius Pohlmann, inspired by sculptures of Auguste Rodin.

Choreographer Pauline Roelants

(****Theaterkrant): From that moment on, two forces are working; Roelants herself, follows the emotion she arouses with her music, searching, impatient, with an angry, provoking energy, that fails to focus and lacks direction. In the meantime, on the plith, an asthonishing other world is being told fully concentrated in a strong physical language , containing either dance and acrobatics. The intimicy gains power because of the contrast that Roelants applies. With the faces close to one another, the eyes aligned,, their hands find eachother faultlessly, she knows when she can hang, he knows where she wants to stand. Around them, hell may break loose. It is another mans hell.

link review (Dutch):

With Eternal Idol Pauline Roelants creates a bipolar environment in which the dancing couple seems to survive by persisting in their hope and commitment.