Figures That Wander by Pauline Roelants

So, Oh Oh we Glow again , we perform Figures that Wander, today Oct. 1st, at Theaters Tilburg, especially for the program of Jan Martens, he curated the openingsevening of the Dance Month Tilburg.
Evening starts at 19.30. please feel welcome to join this inspiring evening!
Figures will be performed from 19.30 til 20.45 in the Big space, and later there is a version of the blind duet (for those who remember) in the Music hall at around 23.00. performed by two dancers from UC and 4 students (2nd year Fontys).
So,join this nice evening: from 19.30 till around midnight! An evening with Jan Martens.

COLOGNE HERE WE COME by Pauline Roelants

We are busy! check the news letter:

This weekend we gave masterclasses at Tanzafaktur in Cologne,

With a really nice group, all beautiful things happening and result was a presentation full of chemistry.

And now we return to Cologne next weekend to perform our concept Burn on Sept 18 and 19.

with our Company.

Please feel welcome to enjoy this concept, in which 10 dancers and 3 musicians will perform for 2,5 hours in a biotope.

The audience can walk around, to observe and absorb; they can leave and come back again.

More info about Burn on this site under Performing Dates.

We start at 8 PM, tickets: / +49 221 222 00 583

phoo: Tuur Uyttenhove

Stand Alone - premiere at festival Boulevard - August 13,14,15 by Pauline Roelants

news letter:

United Cowboys back in the Stedelijk museum 's-Hertogenbosch.

During Festival Boulevard 2011  United Cowboys was a revelation with Negen Nieuwe Naakten in the  Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch - at that time in process of construction-  “gorgeously, fascinating, vulnerable and powerful at the same time”. (Volkskrant)
Last year the company succusfully presented Burn during the Festival Boulevard at the Willem-II Factory:  a 5 hour lasting performance in which the audience could walk around and observe from all angles.
Burn grabs your attention with strong images, powerful performers and penetrating music ". (Theaterkrant *****)
This year,  United  Cowboys is invited back in the Museum  with Stand Alone.
There,  9 dynamic sculptures will be shown. The audience may approach closely, almost touch them. . Serene, Iconic, and at the same time robust and combative. Like the images at the Galery af the Palazzo Veccio in Florence.
But then anno 2015. Our heroes, our melancholy, our sins.
In Stand Alone, these intense performances eventually come together in a discharge of desire, hope, consolation and beauty.

concept, direction, choreography, scenery: Maarten van der Put, Pauline Roelants

music: Ralph Timmermans - live trumpet Joel Botma

created with- and performed by: Wilhelm Blomberg, Anni Kaila, Martí Güell Vallbona, Sophy Ribrault, Pauline Roelants, Evelyne Rossie, Sam Scheuermann, Hanne Schillemans, Jef Stevens.


SEASONING #6 ; June 26th and 27th - 8.30 PM TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW. by Pauline Roelants

photographer: Hans Spiegelaar

photographer: Hans Spiegelaar

SEASONING # 6 | June 26 & 27  2015
tickets: / 00 31 4 2371277

- attention: dates have changed -

The first weekend of Summer, Seasoning #6 will take place.

United Cowboys shows new developments in the field of live-art; focussed on (international) performance and guided by music and fine arts.
New guests, with new work, in the inviting environment of Art House United-C, based at Kleine Berg 62 in Eindhoven.
The program of the Summer edition is inspired by shimmering, sultriness, and sunstantiality and is presented in an ongoing flow of performances.

From June 10 on we introduce our guests at and facebook / united-c

Datas: June 26 & 27
Time: 8.30 PM
Location: Art House United-C, Kleine Berg 62, Eindhoven, Holland

Tickets: / 040 2371277
Price: 7,50 / 5,00 CJP - Cultuurkaart - MBO card

Don't want tomiss another Seasoning? Order the Seeason Ticket; The card costs 20,00 euro's and gives entrance to Seasoning # 6 , Seasoning # 7  en Sesoning # 8. On top af that ,you can once invite someone to come along.

Seasoning # 6 June 26 & 27, 2015
Seasoning # 7 Sept. 25 & 26, 2015
Seasoning # 8 Dec. 18 & 19, 2015 

The Glass Performance -Don't miss it by Pauline Roelants

THE GLASS PERFORMANCE : May 1st at Art House United-C

A woman in between 500 broken beer glasses. After performances in France, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, the succeful Glass Performance is back in Holland. This time at United-C's, in the context of the documentary The beauty and sensuality of Art for the Canadian Television - Quebec.

The Glass performance: “In twilight and magical atmospheres, reflected by the see-through of the glasses, these nymphs evolve in harmony. Trapped by the beauty of this performance, we are only reined in by the fear that one of them will get cut” (Le Progrès France 2010)

EXCLUSIVE: A limited amount of people is permitted to attend to this occasion. Besides watching the performance, we also offer a peak behind the scenes of this intriguing performance; how we prepare, where lies the danger and how do we avoid that.
Would you like to be there? Quickly make your reservation on: reference: Glass Performance special.

Art House United-C Eindhoven The Netherlands
Date: May 1st, 2015
Tme: 7.30 Pm arrival / 8 PM performance / 8.30 PM after talk

NOW AVAILABLE: SEASON TICKET 2015 by Pauline Roelants

For only 25 Euro's, you can visit all  4 editions of the Seasonings of this year.

Plus, ones,  you may bring along a guest for free!

order now:


SEASONING #5 on March 20&21

A new year. Every changing of the Season a new Seasoning.

Seasoning: flavouring, cherry-picking, the ice on  the cake.
United Cowboys shows new developments in the field of (international) live-art, accompanied by music and fine arts.

The first weekend of Spring, Seasoning #5 takes place.
United Cowboys invites - young - artists to show new work. Dance,performance, music, fine arts. The spectator is guided along the works, that he can experience from close by, almost touch it.
Sring edition of Seasoning is inspired by effusion and quintessence.

Seasoning takes place in the various spaces of Art House United-C at the Kleine Berg 62, in the center of Eindhoven.

From March 10th on, we introduce our guests on: and facebook/united-c

Dates: fr. 20 & sat. 21 March
Location: Art House United-C
Address: Kleine Berg 62 Eindhoven The Netherlands
Time: 8.30 PM
Price: 7,50 / 5,00 CJP-students
Tickets: / 00 31 40 2371277

Seasoning # 5 - March 20 & 21 open for application by Pauline Roelants

SEASONING # 5| March 20 & 21 2015

Notification to be part:

The first weekend of Spring starts with a new edition of Seasoning at United Cowboys' building in Eindhoven.
United-C shows new developments in the field of live art; focused on (international) performance art and accompanied by music and fine arts.  
The program of the Spring edition is inspired by gush, truth and the unknown and is presented in an ongoing flow of performances.

We are looking for new guests to join this edition:
Do you have a solo / performance that lasts between 10 and 30 minutes and that fits the profile? Or do you have an ongoing performance, installation or concept? Are you looking for a new experience? Don't hesitate to contact us and send us an e-mail with a brief description of your performance and a link to your work as soon as possible.

We Offer:
An inspiring environment with a technically equipped performing space.
Time to rehearse and if required, a place to sleep.
Travel- and other expenses will be covered.

We Ask:
Curiosity and a flexible attitude.

Dates: March. 20 & 21
Time: 20.30
Build-up: March 17 till 20
Location: United-C, Kleine Berg 62, Eindhoven, Holland



Part 1

March 20 & 21 2014 we preluded Spring with Seasoning Part 1
A full weekend of performances, music, plastic art, with inspiring guests and an engaged audience.

Guests: Timmy van Zoelen, Kevin Callagher, Wilhelm Blomberg, Mayke van Kruchten, Har van der Put, Inez van Vuren, Jelena Kostic, Judit Ruiz, Marie Goeminne, Andre Drosha Grekhov, Edan Gorlicki.

United-C's crew: Lucie Petrusova, Blazej Jasinski, Sophy Ribrault, Hanne Schillemans, Sarah Bostoen and special, unexpected guest Marcel Roelfsema

Music by Ralph Timmermans, Rebecca Sier, Johan Reijnders.

Part 2

The weekend of June 21 we started Summer with Seasoning Part 2
A weekend inspired by light, hope, seduction and laziness.

with:  Jan Martens, Cloé Geers, Tahlita De Decker, Wannes De Porre, Evelyne Rossie, Angelle Peters, Pierre Enaux, Kai Chang, Joey Schrauwen, Kim Hoogterp, Iris Penning, Ernst van Aaken, Edward Capel, Anke van den Brink.

Part 3

With a certain excitation we announced Fall in the weekend of Sept. 20,
Seasoning Part  3 was inspired by stir, change, and a light melancholia.

 Guests of this edition were: Sabina Timmermans - paintings, Imke Zeinstra - performance, Sarah Bostoen - dance, Charlotte Goeasart - dance, Andreia Rodirgues-dance, Oscar van der Put - paintings, Max Joey van den Hout - performance, Bruno Ferroxavierdasilva - music

Part 4

Warmed and touched we let the Winter come on Dec. 19 and 20.
Seasoning Part 4 was inspired by fash,beauty and consolation.

Our guests: Katja Heitmann / Sander van der Schaaf – dans/installatie, Joris van Oosterwijk – beeldend werk/stamping art, Floortje Doeksen – dansduet, Hannah de Meijer / Mirthe Labree – performance, Chris van der Weide – performance, Longen – muziek, Melanie Weijters, Florencia Martina, Marleen Manders, Jan Martens, Oscar van der Put – performance United-C.

HAPPY NEW YEAR by Pauline Roelants

2014. What a remarkable year!

We made the successful, ongoing performance 'Burn' and got a 5 star review; we created 'Figures That Wander' for 'GLOW 2014' with 650.000 spectators and ended up in the top 3 of all participants; we curated 4 editions of Seasoning in our Art House with over 50 young talented artists, choreographers, dancers and musicians from around the world. We met a lot of new inspiring people and a lot of people got acquainted with the work of United Cowboys.

To celebrate this and as a gesture of our appreciation to everybody who connected with us, be it as a participant, as part of the audience or as a drawee, we present the video clip 'Indecisive' by Longen with footage of 'Burn'.


Happy New Year!
The cowboys

Thank you all, Pauline Roelants, Melanie Weijters, Jade Van Den Hout, Wilhelm Blomberg, Marti Güell Vallbona, Almudena Ballesteros Parejo, Matthijs Snijders, Johan Reijnders, Jef Stevens, Sophy Ribrault, Anni Kaila, Chris van der Weide, Hanne Schillemans, Sarah Bostoen, Lucie Petrusova, Evelyne Rossie, Guus van Mierlo, Rebecca Sier, Roel Neuraij, Hans Spiegelaar, Parktheater Eindhoven,Wannes De Porre, Max Joey van den Hout, Josje Van Dijck, Jenia Kasatkina, Marjolein Vogels, Ralph Timmermans, Blazej Jasinski, Rob van Gestel, Marleen Manders, Wies Berkhout, and all participants of Seasoning Part 1, 2, 3 and 4.